The Monitor’s reports are prepared to keep you – the public – informed of Credit Suisse’s progress and consumer relief activities under the settlement.

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Monitor's Second Report

The Monitor’s Second Report provides an update on Credit Suisse’s efforts to earn consumer relief credit since the publication of the Monitor’s Initial Report, including a discussion of Credit Suisse’s borrower outreach event in Carle Place, New York.

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Monitor’s Initial Report

The Monitor’s Initial Report outlines Credit Suisse’s plan to fulfill its obligation under the settlement to earn $2.8 billion in consumer relief credit by modifying home mortgage loans and providing funding for affordable housing. To help borrowers understand the settlement and how it could benefit them, the report explains how RMBS work and provides straightforward descriptions of the types of loan modifications Credit Suisse plans to provide to borrowers, illustrated by examples of how these loan modifications will work in practice.

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